How to connect to S3-Compatible Storage (Dreamhost, Wasabi, Dunkel Storage, Eucalyptus/Walrus, etc.)
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Working with Amazon S3-Compatible Storage Accounts

Amazon S3-Compatible Storages overview

Amazon S3 API is a de facto standard interface for cloud storages for now and many storage providers offers access via S3-Compatible API. Some examples are: BackBlaze, Wasabi, Dreamhost, Dunkel Storage as well as many others.

With S3 Browser you can easily connect to S3-Compatible storages with minimal configuration.

In order to connect to S3-Compatible storage you need the following details:

  • Access Key Id - also known as a username.
  • Secret Access Key - also known as a password.
  • REST Endpoint (an API endpoint) - an address used to send requests to, it is usually provided with the username and password, it can also be found in storage documentation or obtained from the support.

How to Connect to Amazon S3 Compatible Storage:

1. Start S3 Browser and click Accounts -> Add New Account.

click add new account menu item

Click Accounts -> Add New Account

The Add New Account dialog will open:

add s3 compatible storage account

Add New Account dialog.

2. Choose S3 Compatible Storage as account type

3. Specify the REST Endpoint - An address that is used to send API calls to the storage. Please check the storage documentation or contact the storage support to find the REST endpoint address.

5. Specify Access Key ID and Secret Access Key - access keys can be found in your storage profile. Please check storage documentation or contact storage support to if you have difficulties in obtaining your access keys.

6. Turn on Encrypt Access Keys with a password - if you would like to protect your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key with a master password. You will be asked for a master password each time you open the account.

7. Turn on Use secure transfer (SSL/TLS) - if you would like to encrypt all communications with the storage.

8. Click Add new account

You can now choose the newly added account from the accounts menu:

how to switch between amazon s3 accounts

Click Accounts -> Account Name to switch between accounts.

Advanced S3-Compatible Storage Settings

You may also need to configure additional settings in order to connect to S3-compatible storage, for example the Signature Version or the Addressing Model.

By default the Path Style addressing model is used and the Signature Version 2.

In order to modify these settings, please click the advanced settings link located at the bottom left corner of the dialog.

The Advanced S3-Compatible Storage Settings dialog will open:

Advanced S3-compatible storage settings

Advanced S3-compatible storage settings, the S3-Compatible tab

You may configure the following settings here:


Signature Version - the most widely supported signature version is V2. If Signature V4 is supported by the storage, we recommend to switch to V4.

Addressing Model - the most supported addressing model is Path-style and it is selected by default, but you may need to change it to the Virtual-host style.

Override storage regions - you may define your custom storage region(s) here, the format is Region Name=region-code. Multiple regions can be defined, each region on a new line. If you define multiple regions, the storage must support s3-compatible GetBucketLocation API call.

Region-specific endpoint - an optionaf field you may use to specify region specific endpoint template for your s3-compatible storage, the {region-code} variable can be used to specify the placeholder for the region code.

If Version 4 is selected for the Signature and the s3:GetBucketLocation API call is supported by the storage, the {region-code} variable will be replaced with the region code returned by this call, resulting the construction of region specific endpoint, thus allowing you to avoid region-specific redirections and extra requests.

You may find more details and usage example of this settings on the following page: How to connect to Wasabi

Advanced S3-compatible storage settings

Advanced S3-compatible storage settings, the Miscellaneous tab.


List all my buckets when account assigned - if checked, S3 Browser performs s3:ListAllMyBuckets call when account is assigned. You may uncheck this for accounts that are not allowed to list all buckets to avoid failed tasks and warnings in the log.

Use the Multi-Object Delete API - if checked S3 Browser is able to delete up to the 1000 files per single API request. This is possible when storage supports the Multi-Object Delete API. For now most of S3-Compatible storages support this feature so you may keep this option turned on in most cases.

External Buckets - you may edit external buckets associated with the account. Each bucket must be specified on a new line. Optional path is also supported, slash is used as delimiter, for example my-bucket/and/optional/path

Custom IAM Endpoints

You may also specify custom IAM endpoint if this service is supported by your cloud provider. Please use the REST Endpoint field to specify the IAM endpoint.

The ;; symbols must be used as separator.;;

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